Publish Or Perish: @arty_enigma Edition

Publish Or Perish: @arty_enigma Edition

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A A S T H A ♏ By arty_enigma Updated Oct 03

Haven't you checked this out yet? You are missing out on SO much!

At @w-static's Publish or Perish, we take up out swords (pens and cursors) in an effort to sharpen our writing skills and write one of the most unique stories to ever happen. 
This book holds all the prompt-inspired stuff @arty_enigma has written for Publish or Perish on @w-static. It promises to give the reader literary pieces on a diversity of subjects. 

Check out the main Publish or Perish book on @w-static

If you want to join @w-static and/or have written something inspired by one of our prompts, feel free to PM me and/or share your work.

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Witness this people! This is actually the kind of stuff that goes on in the minds of people stuck in an apocalypse.
Interesting choice of name...
                              Would you mind if I ask about it's origin?
Hello!? That was pre-apocalyptic world, now it is post-apocalyptic world, so you don't ring any bell. 
                              No pun intended.
It's a good thing for not lying for 5 or 4 days. Lol😂😂