The Case Of Mr. Matthews

The Case Of Mr. Matthews

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J. C. Colt By J_C_Colt Updated 3 days ago

He tried everything but he couldn't stop thinking about her, every day, every hour, every second, all his thoughts were of.......her. 

Yandere Teacher x Female Reader

Mr W. Matthews is a very quiet and reserved man of 23 years. He teaches history, and gets along with most of his coworkers.

He's never had much of a love life, being more focused on his studies, but now that Warren Matthews is out of college and has steady employment at the local high school, he begins looking for a significant other. 

However, his plans to live a vanilla life are quickly shattered by Y/N L/N; a rebellious and headstrong girl that blazes her own trail. 

Y/N L/N makes Warren question everything he's ever known. Watch this man's feelings for Y/N transform from hate, to a blinding passion, then to an insatiable desire. Watch as this pure, one-sided romance quickly turns dark and corrupt. 

⚠WARNING⚠ there will be a multitude of mature themes in the book including (but not limited to):
-sexual references and intimacy
-mature themes
-mental illness
-self harm
-firearms, blades, and other implements of terrorism
If you are a sensitive individual, or any of these things in particular you find difficult to handle I advise you stop reading here, for I do not go skimpy on the details.
If you have a traumatized heart of stone like moi from being in the yandere niche so long, then please, do proceed.

~J. C. Colt~

{Book one in the J. C. Colt Chronicles}