Pertemis: Amnesia boy (On Hiatus & Being Rewritten)

Pertemis: Amnesia boy (On Hiatus & Being Rewritten)

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Vesta By Valkyxrie Updated Feb 20, 2017


Artemis and Percy are best friends. Though they never got the chance to tell each other how they truly felt before percy died. Centuries after he died he was given a second chance to live. But he has has to start from the whole beginning as a baby. He will not know his real identity and about his past life until it is time. All he will know is that he is the son of Sally and Poseidon and savior of Olympus. How will Artemis be able to live with the fact that he does not remember her? Will he get his memories back? Will he and artemis ever be more than friends? (pertemis story) (percy and artemis) (percy/artemis) (percy x artemis).    I do not own percy jackson and the cover photo.


Slow burn and heavy angst

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