Sanctify // FARCRY 5 // AU FANFIC

Sanctify // FARCRY 5 // AU FANFIC

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Jade M By Jadelmwrites Updated Oct 29, 2018

(Currently on hold - will be continued shortly) 

This time around, a lamb has already infiltrated the cult... A lamb that may be able to save those that would fall at the hands of the deputy, at the hands of Joseph... A lamb that could sanctify the sins of those that would die - if she so tried.

Laurie - who followed her parents and brothers to Hope County in hopes of salvation should have found herself amongst the wolves in the mountains but, John decides she's better use to him down in the valley... 

With all the horrible things that happen from a cultists point of view, adding in a complicated and butterfly in your stomach kind of relationship with John Seed, will Laurie find her purpose? 

Will she be able to help shield the cult from the lambs wrath?

Or, will she just aid the Deputy in the worlds destruction?

A FarCry 5 Retelling!