Chris Brown Imagines

Chris Brown Imagines

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Dasha🥀💫 By QueenQuaaa Updated Jul 09, 2014

(You were in the room, laying in the bed wearing a jerse talking to your friend)


YF: What do you mean?

You: I mean Chris is good' hell great at sex but...

YF: but what?

You: he just needs to be rougher.

(Chris was outside hearing the convo, he was bout to use the bathroom, but chris had a thought, a horny and mad thought)


You: I mean yea but...

*Chris comes in and takes your phone*

You: um HELLO?!?

Chris: I'm sorry but she has to go! *hangs up*

You: Chris!?. What are you.. (GCO)

*he kisses you passionately, and roughly while he hears you moaning then he takes off your pantties off by bitting them, then you take off his shirt feeling on his chest, while he's still kissing you roughly, you took off his sweat pants and he took off his shorts and when you saw it! LAWWDD !! (11- inch)

You: O.O *you quietly say* wow..

Chris: *smiles*

*Chris didn't even lick you out he just went in, didn't warn you either shit hurted like hell too!*

You: SSS....

lucy_loves_O2L lucy_loves_O2L Mar 01, 2017
When it's your first time and your reading this and your bf is scared because it's your first time you'll be like "it's fine I read dirty fanfiction of Chris brown"
Briannaxx___ Briannaxx___ Feb 13, 2016
That's my name BRIANNA :D ... I got way more happy than I should have lmao
Niyaaa_LoveYazz Niyaaa_LoveYazz Jan 03, 2016
i wouldve been like im sorry baby *looks at watch* its that "time" of the month see ya.
xBurnedx xBurnedx Dec 23, 2015
Yea,yea go ahead...
                              just break my virgin pussy walls😥😧😢
Brownskin_Melanin Brownskin_Melanin Aug 17, 2015
people need to stop lying because everyone know Chris Brown got a horse dick