Crossing Through Time And Space

Crossing Through Time And Space

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lilybell By Lolista419 Updated Jul 24, 2018

Samantha Sheryl dies in an unfortunate accident when on her way home from work. As soon as she wakes up she finds herself bound to a system who asks for help correcting different worlds' plots in exchange for skills and points to exchange in these worlds. Only after stating her conditions did she agree, after agreeing she's thrust into different world while complaining about her slightly melodramatic system.

* * * *

Hi! Lolista here! This is my first time writing a story so there may be a lo~ot of grammar errors kay~? 😊 oh! And also misspelt words, plot holes and also rushed story lines. Ooh? *counting fingers while tilting head*

A-Anyway! My english is not very good so friendly criticism is welcome! 😃 

Pictures aren't mine just using them of google. As I'd not a good artist teehee~

I'm nothing but a lowly amateur when it comes to writing. However I am writing this for my own enjoyment~ it is all based off of fiction. None of this is real and is made using my imagination. 😊

Please do not copy or steal my work v.v *mumble* not that anyone would, but still! 

So without further ado~ please enjoy reading!

  • death
  • fantasy
  • modernworld
  • op-mc
  • romance
  • system
  • transmigration