afraid. // Connor x Reader [ONGOING]

afraid. // Connor x Reader [ONGOING]

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beanie By -lilbeanie Updated Jan 01

*Female pronouns*

✧ In which you have an extreme fear of androids.

Started: June 29, 2018

- this book does contain swearing and violence!
- and angst but i put something weird after it like i'm on crack, so i'm sorry
- also slow updates )):

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DcbookQueen118 DcbookQueen118 Nov 01, 2018
I wanna plop down on the floor and kiss the ground he walks on. And his lips
VendettaVon VendettaVon Nov 25, 2018
Me as the girl: shut up, shut up, SHUT UP! JUST SHUT THE FÜĆK UP! 😓😭😰
Internally screeching because you're cute af but internally dying because screw life
                              Mom can I go?
Quick_Wind Quick_Wind Jan 15
Me finding out that my entire grade will get bad by this exam if I write it bad, and I have one night to study for it
Gunshotgameplay Gunshotgameplay Nov 02, 2018
wanna hear a story?
                              once aupon time everyone died and i lived a happy life the end.