Let Me Love You, Allyson [GirlxGirl]

Let Me Love You, Allyson [GirlxGirl]

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Allyson Fajardo is a type of girl who is easily be defined as "a perfect girl" for others, she is a total definition of perfection, she has the looks, the height, the talents, and even in sports too. but what they don't know is she is a type of girl that is scared to commit mistakes, a girl that is scared of being talked about, the girl who is always scared of being judged. 

Scarlett Haven Cordova  - is the one who is secretly in love with her bestfriend for a long time. She is always there for her, to make her laugh smile and wipe all those tears away, just like what a typical bestfriends do. But is that enough to make her fall in love with you? What if you find out she is in love with someone else? What would you do? What are you willing to do, for the sake of love? Give up or win her heart? Are you willing to risk your friendship after all? 


This is a girlxgirl story and if you are not comfortable of reading it you can leave now. And for all those person who'll read this. I just want to say thank you in advance and I really hope that you'll like and support it too, just how you support "MDGG". I am not a professional writer so sorry for my errors.  And I just want to inform you guys, that this is somehow related to my other story "My Dream Guy's Girlfriend" so I suggest, better read it first 😊