(DISCONTINUED) Detroit: Become Human: Connor and Raven's Troubles SEQUEL

(DISCONTINUED) Detroit: Become Human: Connor and Raven's Troubles SEQUEL

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Skreechh By Skreechh Updated Sep 28

Connor x OC

Please read the  prequal first, thank you!

Connore a deviant and helped Jericho's leader Markus lead a peaceful march for android freedom.

They succeeded.

But Connor felt trouble loom over him as Amanda still intends to replace him with his upgraded version. The RK900. 

Meanwhile, secrets are unburried and truth is told.

What will happen?

Read to find out.

Started June 29th, 2018 ✨

I do not own Detroit: Become Human characters, other than Raven, or anything coming from the game. All credit goes to its developer, Quantic Dream. My fanfiction is all for entertainment use only.

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                              WAKE ME UP INSIDE!!!!
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Hi my names ausariah how are you?😊 do you mind or care to vote or comment your thoughts about my published chapter's? I do understand if you aren't interested.
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I have been destroyed by your other fanfic so I hope this brings back Raven