Even My Wolf Thinks I'm Ugly

Even My Wolf Thinks I'm Ugly

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Ray-men By PeelThatAvocado Updated Jan 28

Algophobia. The fear of being in pain. 
Athazagoraphobia. The fear of being forgotten, abandoned, ignored or forgetting.      

Cacophobia. The fear of ugliness, or people seeing you as ugly.       

Congenyphobia. The fear of being hated.   
Gelotophobia. The fear of being bullied or publicly humiliated.

Arachibutyrophobia. The fear of getting peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth. 

Lol. No. Had to put that last one in there.
 I am all of these. Well, except that last one. That one was just there, for the lolz. Anyway, I always have been, probably always will be. Afraid of the rest of them, I mean. 
And yet I still receive them.

 I am constantly ignored, forgotten, and when I'm not?

That's when the bullying, the pain and the hating begin.      

There is nothing that I can do about it.  Absolutely nothing.      

What should I do? What could I?

Why don't you murder him for revenge? Yes, I know that I'm super violent
I have a shirt that says:  Don't read the next sentence. You little rebel. I like you.
For everyone pissy about it being cliche did u not reas the damn title? Come on ppl!
Stabbb that bitch run up to him and Deny him b4 he can do it to u take charge of ur damn life woman!!!
The most beautiful introduction.
                              *pulls out notepad and pencil* I must take notes. MUST.
JulianeO1 JulianeO1 Aug 16
Did you just say y'all were not all from the south you know and knickers is like really British