Bitter Yet Sweet (Completed)

Bitter Yet Sweet (Completed)

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Faith By your_perfection010 Completed

#11 in Spiritual 8/15/18

"You are a pawn" With head being low,  chin touching collar bone. Hair splattered all over my face,  hiding me away from the man before me who looks at me with mysterious cold green orbs. 

'You are a pawn' 

The sentence repeats again,  just mere words that came out his mouth shattered the trembling heart which was already bleeding from the past month. 

"O'Darling,  you don't see it. They have played games with you. Your-" I shake my head, the tears sting my sensitive cheeks. Refusing to believe the words muttering out his mouth,  everything hurted and the truth was harsh,  which i refused to believe. 

I shiver at the touch of his. Roughness of his hand against my cheek. His hand cupping the right side of my face. I dare not to look at him,  unable to meet the gaze which would only cause me to break down. 

"It's a pleasure to see you cry. Hear me,  you are a pawn, Played by everyone. Your mother,  Bella,  Lucian, Anderson and even me. We have played you in our games." I gulp down the saliva which had formed making me not to utter anything out. 

"And you know what happens to pawn when something strikes them. They fall as if they are worthless. Now tell me,  Lydia.  What role do you have in our lives?" 

I don't speak I am afraid to. His words are piercing through me,  cutting each part of the heart. The gut wrenching pain rushes through me as I acknowledge his words and realizes that he was and has been always right. 

"I-i am worthless for everyone."

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Nazish_952 Nazish_952 Jul 09
Lydia’s mother is is good...I read her book..but lydia’s big mouth,..i don’t like her...She has a very big mouth...bigger than all the oceans in this world....
saher344 saher344 Jul 09
Walaikum assalam....
                              No i don't like Lydia so much attitude and bad language but i don't know after some days may be i like her.....
When will you start writing this book, after path to him or before??
Nour_Fa Nour_Fa Jul 06
                              But i thought bella and noah( i forgot the exact name )  will be together 😔
Sweet_Afyy Sweet_Afyy Jul 06
Aweee..true love💝 I am already in love with this story. Authors..💞