Poetry Of Mae

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Melody Wilson By SecretMae Updated 3 years ago
A collection of poetry created by the author,  Melody Wilson (SecretMae). The poetry in this book is of different genre's and was wrote with compassion. All poetry herein are the original works of the author and is under copyright. Each poem is entered as a new chapter for better viewing for the reader. All poems can also be found on the author's personal website. www.SecretMae.webs.com
    All poems are written by Melody Wilson © copyright - All Rights Reserved
accepting the flaws along with the good - both in nature and humans.   thought-provoking piece. vtd. K
This poem is very well written!!!!! It is also one of the more formal entries I have read.
So intriguing to read the rest of your poems. U spelt despair wrong though
Oh I liked this a lot! It was an original poem that didn't rhyme every sentence, which I liked.
A well done greeting to the reader and invitation to journey with you through your works!  Nice job!
This is an amazing poem, It makes me think of what writting means to me only I'm not very good at saying it :)