Love Scandal! 2 (EXO/BTS Fanfic)(HIATUS)

Love Scandal! 2 (EXO/BTS Fanfic)(HIATUS)

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김치 By KimchiiDesu Updated Feb 20, 2016

Yun Hee Kim.The beloved daughter of Kimchi and Xiumin longs to become a world famous idol like her parents. But reprimanding her to do so is her Mom, Kimchi!

With nothing else to lose, she secretly auditions for the SME Company! Little does she know that the road to stardom is difficult than it seems. As she meets new friends and foes, she has to work hard that none of these matters reach her Mother!

But what if she was framed into a scandal? Will she still be able to hide everything from everyone?! Join Yun Hee as she embarks on a crazy fun filled path to becoming an idol! More twists and turns coming your way!

"Scandal's sure run in the family. Like mother and daughter."


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MaroonMatoki MaroonMatoki Jul 16, 2017
Age 18? I already knew the world was a cruel place to live In at the age of 12
Are they like thirty or forty or fifty or sixty okok ill stop
StrawBerry_Byun StrawBerry_Byun Sep 03, 2016
Excuse me ? Call Tae a pet one more time and say goodbye to ur life
Jschanyl_ Jschanyl_ Oct 09, 2016
OMO YIXING STILL REMEMBERS HAHAHA! Like what happened years ago when he was introducing his name to the lady he almost forgot his name haha!
StrawBerry_Byun StrawBerry_Byun Sep 03, 2016
Well i guess being a singers' child doesn't make u a great singer . Oh come on i wanna get in
StrawBerry_Byun StrawBerry_Byun Sep 03, 2016
That's for sure i don't know abt ur mom but i know abt ur dad he is daebak ahhhh i love him