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How can you hate me when you know I love you?

How can you hate me when you know I love you?

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Allison By icecreameater1000 Completed

Lizzy has always avoided guys...they have always been a waist of space to her. Every guy in highschool she has ever met has been a player or just a plain out in her freshman year she decided to stay away from them and never fall in love,but then in the middle of her junior year all of those things change, because of James Turner. It was love at first sight for her....but as for James let's just say that he doesn't feel the same way...lets see what happens shall we?

LittleTrini1DGirl LittleTrini1DGirl Jul 31, 2012
@MyLifeisAverageStill I agree
                              And what's with the weir a thing's? Also, you need to work on paragraphing adn grammar there are a lot of errors.
SafraVaz SafraVaz Oct 24, 2011
@MyLifeisAverageStill I totally agree. It's kinda cliche. No offense!
MyLifeisAverageStill MyLifeisAverageStill Oct 14, 2011
It's a good chapter, and I seriously hope I don't offend you when I say: Its not very realistic. She blurts out her mind too quickly. Most people would wonder whether they should, gather the courage, then say it if they're really brave and stupid (xD). Just saying but other than that, great chapter.
icecreameater1000 icecreameater1000 May 09, 2011
@sperare Oh my gosh you are right...thanks for pointing that out,lol
sperare sperare May 09, 2011
This is good! :D But in the description of your story you made a typo I think you meant 'been' instead of 'bene'. 
xsnickerss xsnickerss May 09, 2011
Cute so far! Henry's nice for that! A little hard to read the dialogue in the big paragraphs but good job still (: