The First Charm | ON GOING.

The First Charm | ON GOING.

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L ♔ By TheLittle_Naga_Girl Updated Mar 10, 2019

Ruby's fate in love shattered when she found out about her father's infidelity, her life went downhill all in the course of a year, when she was a sophomore. While living through the worst year of her life, she did one thing right- she got the attention of Dominick West. The infamous bad boy of Lyons High School.

With a frequent run in with law and illegal racing, Dominick was sent off to England during the Junior year. 

For Ruby changing schools seemed to be like the best option so during the junior year she transfered to Lyons High School but her past caught up to her yet again.

It was senior year and the bad boy was back in town. He had one mission- to find the girl who captured his heart, his kitten. He wasn't the type to forget and let go of what he wants that most and he wants Ruby.

Dominick was set to break her walls and win her heart. Along the way, he helped her fight her demons and overcome her past.