I Wonder Why (Jercy) discontinued

I Wonder Why (Jercy) discontinued

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Alex By wolfkid2121 Updated Mar 31, 2016

Percy never wanted to love Jason, of all the people in the world, mortal and demigods alike, Jason was the last person he wanted. Jason was the blonde hero that had Percy's heart beating extra quick, made him show off, made him smile extra wide, made him want things he wasn't supposed to want. 

When Jason found out about Nico being in love with Percy, Jason's heart felt heavy. It made him realize that he too, was in love with the Sea Prince, well, that's what he secretly called him. When Percy fell into Tatarus, Jason's heart fell too, and he could relate to Nico.

When Jason told Nico he understood, he really UNDERSTOOD. 

The Seven had completed their mission and defeated Gaea and got to come home to camp. The too camps had clashed of course, so now it was Camp Demigod. Romans and Greeks alike were welcomed. When the gang arrived, Jason decided he'd confess his feelings to Nico... but what if a certain someone over heard?

What if Nico decided instead of liking Percy, he wants to get Jason and Percy together? But the only question that will remain for the two powerful demigods is:
I wonder why?

I own none of the characters except Madelynn. Yes, Nico is gay, just read through the book. This book is absolute trash, I started writing this so long ago, the style is horrible and nothing makes sense.

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He knows your secret.
                              He looked in the mirror while he had a crush on Percy.
                              You have the same face on.
                              IT'S IDENTICAL
OOOOOOOOOOOOOO😮 plus you guys are just talking freely about...
You're the one dreaming...
                              About pounding him into the floor until he screams your name.
                              And no, not punching you.
                              Unless it's FISTING.
                              hahahahahah I'm so funny
                              And cringey....
                              OH WELL HAAHAHAHAHAHAHA IM SO FUNNY
                              Cause sh*t is about to go down!
                              *jazz hands*
I don't care how he knows I'm just gonna go die of a fangirl attack