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NotJJY By jungjoonyoung5555 Completed

Phana and Kit dont give Beam any time moreover a little attention at all since Wayo and Ming happened. 

What will makes Phana worried until he has to get himself to protect Beam? Beam sleeping around with man who annoyed him, will mostly top him and do him rough, not Beam usual taste, hot woman or cute girl.

What will makes Kit taking care of him again? Beam having a feeling and it might hurt him. So he has to protect Beam's feeling.

So... Beam suddenly said to his bestfriends, "I love Forth. I will court him. But I don't mind if the relationship would be physical only tho.... as long as I could be with him."

That earns a hell of full attention for him.

Not just from his besfriends.


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Makhshefa Makhshefa Oct 04
That's only those who recognise having fallen. I'm sure it would be closer to 3/4 Stars, and 1/2 Moons - I mean, wouldn't you, if given the chance?
Maaruchan Maaruchan Aug 08
😱😱😱 prepare yourself Beam, Ming just sent you the wolf king
For a moment there, I actually buy his lies 😂😂. Forth is so sharp to catch that 😄
thesis89 thesis89 Jul 28
Hahahahaha...this is like your signature reaction to these four.😀
dd50291105 dd50291105 Jul 10
Dearie ... sorry wanna know wat differ mean ‘oneshot’ and ‘story’?