The Darrington Legend ~ Phan

The Darrington Legend ~ Phan

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Dan Howell had always been picked on. And he didn't know why. Maybe it was because of his long fringe that fell over his left eye, or his quiet personality round school, or maybe his sexuality.

Probably that last one.

He wasn't fully gay - bisexual being the proper term for his preferences. But as the bullying gets worse, Dan finds himself returning home black and blue too often for comfort, yet he cannot explain as the situation would only get worse.

So when he finally moves schools, he is suddenly faced with a whole new problem.

And when secrets unravel and trust begins to splinter, the situation only gets worse.

SpudSpud314 SpudSpud314 May 24
I'm re-reading this because my head hurts and this is probably my favourite Phan fiction ever
*Draws On Cat Whiskers*
                              I AM READY FOR THE BATTLE OF THE PHAN
-phxn21 -phxn21 Aug 05
I swear on my tortoise named mortoise I will punch them so hard they will fly to the 28th dimension and then they will know who da goofiest goober is
ImEmoButInaGerardWay ImEmoButInaGerardWay Jul 08, 2015
I won't read a fanfic unless it's got pretty good reviews so judging by these ^ I think this will be in my top favorites.
SeptiPhaniplier911 SeptiPhaniplier911 Apr 11, 2015
honestly when I first saw the cover I skipped it because it looked like it was a jewelry store AU... I'm glad it wasn't cause now this is one of my top 5 best stories along with 'memories' 'fate(sequel)' 'messages''coffee & cupcakes' those are great... this one is too
SeptiPhaniplier911 SeptiPhaniplier911 Apr 10, 2015
@timmiearo I would watch, own, share, and post it everywhere if this became a movie.  SEriOusLy!