Three Years Later

Three Years Later

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"He talks about you a lot, you know?" She said, her smirk clearly audible in the inflection of her voice, making me blush. 

"What does he say about me?" 

"Good things but nothing I ever doubted. Sometimes when I'm on the phone with him, he tells me about his day and when he gets to the part about you, I can hear his smile." 


She was a sophomore. He was a senior. They had a budding romance that would lead them into becoming high school sweethearts...or so everyone thought. 

Hadley Summers and Milo Jensen had a special connection that was certain and unprecedented. Their flirty mannerisms and late night chats that lasted until the early hours of the morning led to a belief of having a promising future together. 

But the day of Milo's graduation brings the end to their blossoming relationship. 

After three years, will they pick things back up from where they left off, or will it become a "what if" memory? 

Started 9/26/18

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⚠️WARNING: This story contains SOME EXPLICIT language⚠️