Who Truly is more pitiful?

Who Truly is more pitiful?

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BO$$A$$BISH By Interviewboy Updated Aug 20, 2018

"Dont act so arrogant, i do not love you, this marriage is simply for MY people, marry her i dont care, you can marry my dearest half sister if you want, i will rule MY people alone. And dearest sister,you may look like the more pitiful one in my fiancee, brother, and prince arthurs eyes, but in others eyes, I am the hero, In this world of politics, there is no such thing as love. But let me ask you this, who is more pitiful? You who has received my parents, brother's, and my fiancee's love, or me who never recieved a single droplet of love? So answer me, You have taken everything from me, or me who's everything was taken away from you, between us who is truly more pitiful?ANSWER ME,BROTHER,FIANCEE, AND PRINCE ARTHUR!!!! WHO IS MORE PITIFUL!?! 

"sister why are you trying to gain pity?" 

"You are disgusting sister, you ask this when im just playing the same game as you, this is how you received all their love right?! You framed me of bullying you, when i just ignored you! 

"S-shes lying cant you see, shes lying!" 

"If so then why did you stutter?" 


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