Bloodstained Night (ON-HOLD)

Bloodstained Night (ON-HOLD)

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Mitchii~ By xSweetLiesx Updated Jul 23, 2014

In the world of Tsukiino, there is an unknown god ruling it. He is causing havoc and evil to the world, by using a group of seven people named the Forsakens. 

There is a well-known organisation called the Reverie that hire people with either special powers (aka. Sho) or are skilfully talented in combat whether it be with swords or guns or just bare hands and feet. The Reverie say that they protect the world from evil, but due to their history with some countries and how they were taught to kill mercilessly, there are some people out there who call the Reverers (people who work for the Reverie), 'murderers from Hell'. 

Miyori Kazusho and Rasuka Tsukaru are two people who work for the Reverie and embark on a journey in order to find and destroy this God with the help of some friends and other Reverers. But on the way, they encounter problems and devastating information about the Reverie and about the God..

  • action
  • bloodstained
  • evil
  • god
  • magical
  • night
  • powers
  • romance
  • sho
  • tragedy