YAOI Oneshots

YAOI Oneshots

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。。。 By Lucapyon Updated Dec 20, 2014

DO NOT READ ANY OF THIS IF YOU DON'T LIKE YAOI(BoyxBoy)! You've been warned.

NOTE: Going to rewrite them soon! So bear with them for now,

Story & Cover Design:©Me/Lucapyon
Characters:©Respectable Authors
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JennsenClarke JennsenClarke Nov 10, 2017
What can't Takao Kazunari become a bitch (girl, of course) and make Midorima Shintaro oh-so-jealous?
Katie_Holt Katie_Holt Jun 03, 2017
For some reason, I thought the tittle saidcumming instead of cunning... what has fanfiction done to me?
JennsenClarke JennsenClarke Nov 10, 2017
I hope Takao keeps away from him..which is on my Pov, Takao made a deal not to annoy him all day anyway *mischievous giggles... Just what could happen?
Tsumugii Tsumugii May 03, 2016
Is midorima actually my other half? Cuz I'm the exact same way, if I'm reading and someone's bothering me or talking to me I get irritated very easily
Nickynesh Nickynesh Jun 06, 2016
He'd probably fall into depression, then try to kill himself then turn into an alcoholic,then cry all the time realising how much Izaya  ment to him (don't hate me I'm a very morbid person)
HeartlessFoodwife12 HeartlessFoodwife12 Sep 11, 2016
                              Sorry couldn't resist it was SO there