Pretty Little Thing | ✓

Pretty Little Thing | ✓

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"Why do you keep saving me?!" He screamed in her ears as he pushed her to the fence nearby, gripping her neck tightly until her cheeks reddened due to the restriction of blood flow through her face. 

The autumn wind bit her cheeks, letting the untucked part of her hijab flow with the rhythm of the wind. The girl was trembling uncontrollably to say the least. He was standing too close. The only word being chanted in her head was 'haram'. 

 To loosen his grip somehow, she placed both her small hands on his wrists in attempt to push him away even the slightest, but to her dismay, it was of no use. 


"Because what?!"

"Shahroz please d-"




*A story in which a girl saved a boy's life in the most unexpected of circumstances*

She drank water. 
He drank alcohol.

She had a family who'd take a bullet for her. 
He had a family who'd throw him under the bus.

She dreamt of her future. 
He dreamt of his death. 

Both are Muslims but only one is closer to their Lord.



This story is none other like the Muslim stories currently present on wattpad. I write about the things people avoid to talk about. 
This story in no way depicts the true Muslim culture. It's about the modern Muslims nowadays who steer away from the right path.

P.S:This book contains some strong language, graphic content and violence so I advise you to read it with care. 

WARNING: too much cuteness you'll die squealing.

©Copyright 2018. sanasays.

Any sort of plagiarism of my story will be reported immediately, and that includes my aesthetics and banners as well.

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Yashhal Yashhal 3 days ago
Wait, I hadn't read this? How can that be possible?! 
                              Anyways, beautifully crafted words!! ❤❤❤
This looks like a great book 📚 and it seems it going to be one of my favorites
I already like him and I haven't even started the book yet!!😂😂😂
                              P.S Logan Lerman is bae!!❤❤
Minie125 Minie125 Nov 02
This dudes personality just reminds me so much of my brother idk y😂😂
Hahahaha, lasagna.
                              I love lasagna-Saad. I meant Saad. I love him. He's so cute!