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The Nerd and I [ BOOK 1 & 2 ]

The Nerd and I [ BOOK 1 & 2 ]

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Elle Sugi By ellesugi Completed

WARNING: This story contains men to men relationship, violence, rape,  explicit sex, foul language and drug usage. You have been warned.
His name is Earl Harrison. A typical high school student living a normal life. Everything is going well in his life except for the fact that he's being bullied in school, not being loved by his family and well basically - he's all alone. He thought, "hey, I can endure this. I'll just past high school without being noticed, work a job that fits me and maybe someday I'll find a family of my own." 
But what will happen, when the school's most BAD-ASS, JERK and not to mention - a certified ASSHOLE Matthias Blaise, decides he will make Earl's life a living hell? What will happen to poor little Earl?
 A rocky love story with lots of twists, action-filled comedy and drama.

prkdtn_ prkdtn_ a day ago
Rereading again, This is my favorite boyxboy story tbh😊❤❤
a while later:  i love this guy, hit me from the behind, oh oh
i would've gave them all wrong answers and watch them fail, its worth the beating
Matthias Reminds Me Sooo Much Of Blake Hunters & Earl Reminds Me Of Gregory 💜🙄 Anybody Else? #3rdTimeReader🙂
This is sad, you're in high school not elementy idek how to spell today ok? Grow up
                              1. he's gay
                              2. he's in love with you
                              3. he doesn't know how to express his feelings for you so he beats you up
                              4. hes a girl