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The Nerd and I [ BOOK 1 & 2 ]

The Nerd and I [ BOOK 1 & 2 ]

2.7M Reads 82.8K Votes 52 Part Story
Elle By ellesugi Completed


Contains men to men relationship.

His name is Earl Harrison. A typical high school student, living a normal life. Everything is going well in his life, except for the fact that he's being bullied in school, not being loved by his family and well basically - he's all alone. He thought that "Hey, I can endure this. I'll just past high school without being noticed, work a job that fits me and maybe someday, I'll find a family of my own." But what will happen, when the school's most BAD-ASS, JERK and not to mention - a certified ASSHOLE, Matthias Blaise, decides he'll make Earl's life a living hell? What will happen to poor little Earl?

A rocky love story with lots of twists, action-filled comedy and drama.

Bish your name sound like a type of math problem😂😂
                              Sit yo dumb a$$ down😂
I can carry this giant ass book with my Viola case (with the instrument inside of course) in one hand 
                              (๑ơ ₃ ơ)♥
xAnimeKingx xAnimeKingx Feb 14
I once put my laptop in my bag and put it on my back, I freaking fall backwards.
ehlay3781 ehlay3781 Feb 10
Hey!! I see my comment all the way up there^^ Nov 5th, 2016, 9:50 pm hmmm not that long ago nice
xAnimeKingx xAnimeKingx Feb 14
For some reason it's 'amusing' to the teachers to watch kids get bullied..
Lady_NoirII Lady_NoirII Feb 11
Honestly in my school it's very strict but bullying is still visible.