The Nerd and I [ BOOK 1 & 2 ]

The Nerd and I [ BOOK 1 & 2 ]

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Contains men to men relationship.

His name is Earl Harrison. A typical high school student, living a normal life. Everything is going well in his life, except for the fact that he's being bullied in school, not being loved by his family and well basically - he's all alone. He thought that "Hey, I can endure this. I'll just past high school without being noticed, work a job that fits me and maybe someday, I'll find a family of my own." But what will happen, when the school's most BAD-ASS, JERK and not to mention - PLAYBOY, Matthias Blaise, decides he'll make Earl's life a living hell? What will happen to poor little Earl?

A rocky love story with lots of twists, action-filled comedy and drama.

nqksthrdmn nqksthrdmn Oct 02
Cliche much huh? Faint in front of the bully and then he picks you up, bring you to the hospital, the bully says sorry, you forgive him, then bam! i love you you love me. 😒
blxmeee blxmeee Nov 14
Lmaoooo in my class people wouldnt really care they would just go back to t talkin with their friends
blxmeee blxmeee Nov 14
Isnt this highschool lmao in highschool no one gives a fck about you cuz they have other shiz to worry about like hella loads of assignments
Ugh my life....only people constantly want to be friendly and I just want a comfortable blanket in a dark room with a good wattpad story 😧
BvbAngel17 BvbAngel17 Sep 28
Teach me how to become a better stories are kinda shïty
ehlay3781 ehlay3781 Nov 06
Even the great badass jerk that every girl wants and every guy wants to be has an iPod and I get made fun of that  for it? -_- Welp im sorry kids I ain't rich