The Silence || BTS ff

The Silence || BTS ff

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Babysucian By Babysucian Updated 3 days ago

Things are all well and good for BTS and rest of the Korea until a deadly Virus is broken out in a research center of Seoul and it a city considered as the city of dreams turns into city of nightmare

BTS decided locking themselves up in their home would be a better idea until they are rescued. Seoul is a chaos with the city locked down from the virus further spreading. Streets are filled with undead and seven of them are locked up with limited food

A 23 year old medical student who studied to be a General Physician but has some secret interest in Bacteriologist with some odd Mind controlling power volunteers to help the government

what happens when she's out to help but only if her conditions are fullfilled and meets the seven scared men. stay tuned to find out More

started--> 27th June
ended -->

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rightmr12 rightmr12 Jun 27
Well it's good but i wanted to ask you that this book is not related to the female alpha right???
I voted before i even started reading😂 i live for the aloha female btw
Mochi_Wifeu Mochi_Wifeu Jul 17
Author Nim? @Babysucian, is Rose, Rose from blackpink? And also what is this secret of hers?🤔🤔🤔
The first thing my Asian mind noticed was that the total amount of votes this ff has is 444 which is like 666 in Japan, but like it can be read as deathdeathdeath so let me change that. 😂