Candy Love BOYXBOY (RinXAmaimon) Blue Exorcist

Candy Love BOYXBOY (RinXAmaimon) Blue Exorcist

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Josephine By Blue_Flames23 Updated Jun 26, 2012

~Rin POV~

I was going to be late for shool.... again ^_^' Yukio was going to kill me! He told me if I'm late one more time, he'll take away my sword >3>... Oh I forgot to introduce myself, Hi I'm Rin Okumara! I'm 15 years old. Yukio is my brother. Our dad was killed by satan.... I'm satan's son... but I wish I wasn't... I HATE HIM! ... O_O Got to go I'm going to be late for class. CRRRAAAAPPPP!!!!


~Yukio POV~

Oh boy Rin is going to be late =.=' . Then I started walking towards the door to close it. When suddenly Rin crashed through the door.


Wow he made it on time -laugh-

Hey Rin your on time today,

Rin pouted like always. Since he joined exorcist cramschool Rin has always wanted to defeat satan. The taking away of the sword is a joke, I only do that so he can come on time.

~Rin POV~

OMG I'm on time OuO. HA In your face Yukio . Yukio, even though he is younger than me he act like the old geezer, but I know I'm better >w<. Halfway in the class I had the most epic...

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temporaryfool temporaryfool Jul 21, 2017
I thought he said "Hey later we can go make out and maybe I can buy you some candy ;)"
Did anyone else start to sing " I WANT CANDY!", or was it just me?
Fallen_autumn_leaf Fallen_autumn_leaf Apr 08, 2017
...I shouldn't...but...I have to...
                              ...Hi New, I'm Ethan.
                              ...I'm sorry... *drinks bleach*
Billdip_stories Billdip_stories Apr 27, 2017
I'm pretty sure we have all watched or read the anime or manga.....sorry I just don't see the point in this paragraph
DestinyGoneCrazy DestinyGoneCrazy Feb 22, 2017
wєll thínk σf ít thíѕ wαч,  íf чσu ѕtαrє αt hím hє'll thínk чσur α pѕчchσpαthíc mαníαc
loveblue3423 loveblue3423 Jun 26, 2016
The emojis just make me laugh😂😂😎😪😪😴😪😴😪