The Sandman Stories - Book #1:  TALONS

The Sandman Stories - Book #1: TALONS

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Mitch Graves By ShanakeeMitch Updated Jul 20, 2018

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"Something snarled in the darkness. As he started to slowly back away, his head hit the hanging light, causing it to sway. The lamp filled the interior of the shed with dancing shadows. Freddie suddenly had the feeling that he was being toyed with. He backed into the nearest corner in order to get a good look at his unwelcome visitor.
     The hairs began to prick up on the back of Freddie's neck. Nervous beads of sweat dripped into his eyes. The suspended lamp, still swinging, cast an orange glow, then darkness. Orange, then darkness. Orange, then darkness.
     Something emerged from the shadows directly in front of Freddie. His eyes widened in disbelief, not sure if what he was seeing was real."

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