Arrogance and Assumptions

Arrogance and Assumptions

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My mother always told me "Chandani, if you play your cards right you'll find a great husband someday." My grandmother would always add in "a nice Indian boy!"  If either woman could have their way, I suspect he would be a tall, tan, green eyed, wavy haired, Indian. Who loves nothing more then the smile on his mothers face, and approval from his father. They could see him clearly, striding in the room in all his greatness, and at that moment our eyes would meet. He would see no one else, Que the spotlight on me in a deep red sari, hair long and flowing. He would right then and there bend on one knee and whisper those sweet words "Muhjse Shadi Karoge?"(will you marry me?). Taken by surprise I would place one hand on my heart and utter a soft yet determined "yes." Sounds like the ultimate Bollywood love fest huh? Well as I sit here at my desk, I can tell you that at twenty four years old I am still waiting for my Salman Khan to break through the doors.


Chandani is a young woman on her path of self discovery. Doing so is not easy with her strong Indian roots, her families expectations, her own dreams and her headstrong mother all pulling her in different directions. She thinks she knows what she wants and who she is, until she meets Akhil Dharma. From their first meeting he is arrogant, and brutally honest, so much so that Chandani decides then and there he is not worth her time.  Leading her to assume the worst of him, it doesn't help that the people around her add fuel to the fire. They must both learn to get over themselves and come to understand that sometimes our own arrogance moves us to assume the worst in people. In the end we must let go of our arrogance and trample any assumptions in order to freely fall in love.

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-jwackson -jwackson Feb 11, 2015
such a typical Indian chick XD I'm already enjoying this so much. I like the way you're keeping it real :D