My Valentine Stalker

My Valentine Stalker

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Kelly By kjirst54 Updated Mar 03, 2011


It was the same every Valentines day since sixth grade. One pink rose and a small heart-shaped card cut from pink construction paper, with the words BE MINE written in black. The only part that has changed in the past four years is the neatness in the script.

Who is my mystery Valentine? I couldn't tell you. But this year I was going to find out.

"Ooh Valentine Stalker strikes again."

Slamming my locker shut I push past Cassie, my partner in crime since we were  in pull-ups.

"This is not funny Cas, its getting old." I groaned as we walked to English.

"The only part that's funny is after all this time you are still in the dark, other then that it is hopelessly romantic." Cassie hugged her books to her chest and batted her eyes. 

"Right, definitely romantic not knowing who you're secret admirer is after six years. Six years Cas!" I huffed.

"Do you know how many girls would kill to have a secret admirer? Dang girl, I wish Aaron got me anything for Valentines day."

Cassie ...

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