The Boy Who Annoys Me ✔️

The Boy Who Annoys Me ✔️

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Lydia Rose By littletroublemaker_ Completed

They called her crazy. 
  They called him cocky.

She had experienced heartbreak.
   He didn't know what it was.

 She never imagined finding love again.
  He never imagined discovering love. 

Ren knew leaving America was for the best. She needed a change of scenery and people. She hoped that she would meet a guy who would adore her. However, fate doesn't always work like that. You don't always get what you want. 

Instead she meets her worst nightmare. A man who was hell-bent on annoying her. A man who didn't know what love was. A man who wanted to win her heart. 

If only he knew that winning her heart would mean sacrificing his own.

This is a light-hearted story filled with humor, friendship, and love.  This is a story about finding love again with someone you'd never expect and learning how to be with them. 

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