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Hetalia meets the Host Club

Hetalia meets the Host Club

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Potato Queen By PotatoKid10 Updated Dec 19, 2015

So the hetalia gang were told by their bosses to observe high school students at their schools to see if their education is superior as "exchange students". The nations finally decide to go to one of Japan's finest school, Ouran High school. The nations soon encounter strange students who are apart of the Host Club? With the nation's slip ups with their names, the host club begins to get suspicious and tries to figure out their identities with no such luck. Yet Kyoya does not intend to give up just yet and continues to pry into the governments files but always fails. The nations soon encounter an obstacle that can get many people killed. A quite large group of robbers infiltrates the school with deadly weapons. But the nations will not lets them harm the innocent people in the school. What will be in store for these childish group of nations? This story is currently on hiatus.

I was really scared this was going to be one of those crappy fics were people just meet then kiss n stuff like that but honestly I would still read it even if it was because I'm trash for both of these animes
....... Someone pls pass the salt.
                              Someone: *Hands Prussia to me*
Carl-Teh-Cupcake Carl-Teh-Cupcake Jul 03, 2016
I don't watch sky anymore but I still understood this refrence
AnimeShipsAlways AnimeShipsAlways Dec 04, 2015
Now there are two flirty Frenchman (Tamiki is French if you don't remember)
SychellstheShipper SychellstheShipper Aug 08, 2015
balancing-dreams balancing-dreams Jul 10, 2015
Pink... Mehehehehehehe. That's the only thing I can think of.