Overcoming It All ~ Book 3 (COMPLETED)

Overcoming It All ~ Book 3 (COMPLETED)

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Sang Sorenson's entire world was yanked from underneath her feet with no warning - 

And everyone's lives were changed forever.

Betrayal, deception, and secrets that are unraveling faster than the Sorenson's can keep up with - they'll finally shatter the walls they've all built to protect themselves and reveal the hard truth. But will it be too late?

As the Academy Boys try to stand by the family they've taken in as their own, will they be able to heal from the aftermath of what the Sorenson's hefty secrets has cost them? 

Join the gang one last time in the ending to the "It All" Trilogy as they try to overcome their past demons and move forward.

***PLEASE NOTE: This series is not a guaranteed HEA-read at your own risk!

***This story is an adaptation of author, C.L. Stone's, The Academy Series (a Young Adult Romance). Warning: contains cursing, polygamy, and other mature content. Read at your own discretion.

Cover Credit: @arayoflight