The Academy of the Jade Blades

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Daezy By CrazyDaezy Updated 3 years ago
The Academy of the Jade Blades is where Daisy Simone now lives with her foster dad, Master Kenn, and his two sons, Kyo and Siman. After years of depression and the feeling of being alone, Daisy finds her comfort in sword fighting and eventually travels to the top of her class, earning her the nickname "Amazon". But as horomones and emotions fly so close to graduation, will any of her feelings last? Also, when Kyo starts seeing her as more than just a fun and flirty friend, will their love last long enough to live past graduation? Love, fights, loyalties, and lies all have settled deep into the Academy of the Jade Blades.
oh hey. that was cool. you changed like the thingy....whats it called...feeling. ... . emotion.....idk it was serious then kidna funny. lol. whatever you wanna call it xD great chapter :)
This is really good! Already a little bit in love with Kyo! ;)
Very interesting start.  The names Kyo and Daisy are on different ends of the spectrum... nice :)
Wow I liked this. Was he able to carry all 5 bags because of the training he does?
Good descriptions so far. A lot of people don't pay attention to that, especially in the beginning but you did a really nice job. :)
Great change of mood throughout the first part, it was very short, which makes it hard to change the moods, but you did it very well and naturally! Found no errors, which is good and im liking your character! Well done with the dialogue and descriptions, very realistic, looking forward to more!