His Bestie

His Bestie

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☆ By KindredxSpirits Completed

{Danielle Griffin}:  Werewolf (beta), 5'8, tan skin, dark brown hair, cocoa eyes, cute, quirky, athletic, stylish, smart, charismatic, and your everyday cheerleader, no she isn't an actual cheerleader, she is just that healthy dose of optimism each and everyday. 

 {Derek Hale}:  Werewolf (Alpha), 6 feet tall, light tan skin, dark brown hair (looks almost black), green eyes, serious, protective, strong, wolf smart, athletic, and he has a broken past.  But one thing that these two have in common is, 

They're best friends. They have been since they were little, very little. They grew up together, their families long time friends. They spent everyday together, and still do but with the new Alpha Pack in the way, will there friendship stay, or get torn apart? Read to find out.   (Based off of Teen Wolf season 3)

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beegeenee420 beegeenee420 Jul 24, 2015
I thought it said "like our sign of Vegita "  dragon ball z life to over rated lol
TiaMaria2504 TiaMaria2504 Jun 24, 2014
Can you just put a picture on please, because on iPad we can't copy. But thank for describing it!