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Beautiful Violent Vulgar By Plrbpt Updated Mar 01, 2015

*Kinda editing*
Atti Matthews is a college student at Pacific Ridge University in her small hometown of Demon Falls. She and her friends had grown up hearing the stories of supposed demonic activities ranging from hearing footsteps behind you in the dangerous woods near the Bluff at the wrong time of night to outlandish stories of demonic figures draining you of your energy in your dreams in the most carnal ways. She had brushed them off as old wive's tales until she began experiencing strange reoccurring dreams which seemed to give merit to the local lore.

Thirsty is gorgeous sage probably salty cuz he doesn't want her 😂
Sage needs to hop off of thirsty I know you don't like him but damn 🙄🖐
This name reminds me of thrust. Like someone is thrusting. As I Sexual intercourse. It all ties together
NewRoman NewRoman Jul 24, 2015
only book Ives read so far that has gotten the plural of incubus right I saw one spelled incubus's I was slightly angered
ParkThtJibooty ParkThtJibooty May 31, 2015
Holy helll! He's gorgeous! Why on earth would she not like him! Loser my asss!