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Alpha's Little Mate

Alpha's Little Mate

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Lex1405 By Lex1405 Updated Mar 14, 2015

Prologue  My name is Lilly Williams, I am 17, 5 ft 8 with brown hair and blue eyes. My family and I are moving to the town Belifane and I am starting school there with my brother Adam. I might seem normal but I'm definitely not, you see my family are werewolves and the town we are moving to is full of werewolves it is all one pack but a big one. My parents are new warriors being brought in from our old pack because the alpha died and had no heirs.  I know you are saying werewolves don't exist,but we do and I'm proof so shut up. Since I just shifted last year my parents and older brother Adam have been teaching me to fight. I am really good too, but nobody knows because we have to practice practice privately because I have a very rare wolf that is very strong and fast.My parents are afraid that some evil alpha would kidnap me and force me to have his pups so no one know about or seen my wolf. To other people I seem like a shy sweet girl but when I want to I can kick a**.    Even thought I can protect myself, my brother is so over protective.Most people I met think I am weird because I've never had a boyfriend but I want to save my self for my mate. I have my own car too, with the latest safety features of course because my parents and always worring. I don't even know if I want a mate to be honest, I love what my parents have but I hate the idea of being owned. I like to be free and not on a leash. Sadly all of that is going to change on the first day of school.

sunlight_moon sunlight_moon Aug 09, 2016
Going tbh here
                              Every time there is some disney actor as a cast you already know this was made by some middle scholar
Um... I'm kinda a tomboy here so don't judge.....
                              Wtf are wedges?
thepettiestofthemall thepettiestofthemall Mar 14, 2016
Millra Millra Apr 30, 2016
Ah math the best time to met a mate because it makes math much less boring.
collier2002 collier2002 Nov 08, 2015
Wow this is kinda funny we have the same name, height, and looks. Only difference is last name! Creepy!
TheUnimportantFire TheUnimportantFire Jan 06, 2015
Obviously someone's cooking bacon in the classroom. 
                              Because bacon smells amazing.