Beyond This White Horizon

Beyond This White Horizon

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S O R A H By _Palen Updated Feb 08

"According to legend, the world broke. The land rose from the sea and cast itself over the White Horizon. The people who could bend light, the coloured, were left behind."

Kaimana Dayra is less concerned with the fate of the coloured, and more so about her mischievous and adventure seeking brother. With their parents missing after a trek to find a lost treasure, Kaimana's masterful abilities with machinery, as well as the peculiarity of her own colour, keep them from the lower docks. But only just.

When her brother mysteriously vanishes, a price is put on her head. Now she is the target of the Blac Dove- an assassin with no loyalties to anyone - and on the run for a crime she doesn't remember committing. With the help of a bug crazy ten year old, a famed gypsy, his troupe of unlikely performers, and a hidden map only she can read, Kaimana can only hope that the secrets they uncover will lead her back to her brother. Even if the path takes her to cross the most perilous of all dangers: The White Horizon. 

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