Remember When (A Niam Story)

Remember When (A Niam Story)

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Emily Berry By EmskiiB97 Updated Aug 13, 2012

hey! so i've been writing this for a while now... its my first boyxboy story so please no hate if its crap, just constructive critisism ;) if anyone wants to make a cover then that would be very much loved ;) so enjoy!



'Louis! Please?' I begged him

'You said you wouldn't back out of any dare, no matter what you had to do,' he pointed out

'But this, I can't do this! You know how I feel!' I exclaimed

'I'm helping you, maybe you'll find out whether he likes you back now,' he suggested, grinning like he was actually helping me by doing this.

'He doesn't! He is already with someone Louis; I'm just going to look like an idiot!' I whisper-shouted, close to tears. I ducked my head and I felt Louis arms around me

'I'm sorry,' he said, hugging me tightly 'Its fine, you don't have to do the dare,'

'I kind of do now or everyone will wonder why not. I mean, we're best friends so it shouldn't even be hard if I was normal,'

'You are normal! Don't ever say that. And I see wha...

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