Restricted Chapters for my Stories

Restricted Chapters for my Stories

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VovNix By vovnix Updated Mar 01, 2013

We Were Just Kids In Love

Chapter eleven:

[Roxy's POV]

Sunlight was filtering in through a gap in my curtains and I fought hard to pretend to myself that I was still sleeping to keep my dreams going. I dreamt of kissing Nate and having him respond to me as though we were really lovers and every second that brought me into reality I clawed towards my dreams.

Nate's face disappeared and I groaned as I inwardly started cussing at the sun. I missed sleeping in Nate's warm bed and waking up in his arms. I didn't want to open my eyes and see an empty room that lacked his scent. Then again... my bed was oddly warm and my shirt smelled like Nate. I pried my eyes open and gasped when I saw Nate smiling at me from the pillow next to mine.

"Naddy! What are you doing here?" I asked him.

"Well good morning to you too beautiful" he said. His voice was rough from sleep and was sexy as hell with his ruffled hair. "You were having nightmares again Rox. So I came over to be your knight in shining ...

kemiastar2525 kemiastar2525 Oct 05, 2013
how do i fan. i already clicked the 'follow' botton. Love yur book.
chellsey chellsey Oct 31, 2012
shes on birth control
                              and hot. guess they couldnt just keep their hands off eachother
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