Educational Experience

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Cynthia Dagnal-Myron By CynthiaDagnal-Myron Updated 11 days ago
He was the "Cinderfella" story of the century: a homeless waif who inherited the fortune of the world's richest adult entertainment tycoon. But when he's sent back to high school as a condition of probation, he meets a disillusioned teacher who takes his mind off all of his Webcam fantasy femmes.
@Equinella @CynthiaDagnal-Myron This is a first draft? Holy non-sequiturs batman..
@Equinella oh don't 'correct' the grandma/Santa bit, your way is Much funnier! I actually thought it was an intentional part of the wry humor. (like my mocking Square Head Sponge Butt)
Little typo 'of one or more'.
                                    Your story engaged me immediately and your writing is top notch. Thank you for sharing your talent. I'm eager to see where this goes.
                                    (wasn't it 'Grandma' who got run over by a reindeer though?)
What a humblebragger. You get a vote for being not terrible.
@CynthiaDagnal-Myron This made me chuckle as one of my best friends lived with a guy whose business was filming and distributing porn. It was so unreal it was funny.  We were both so naive then - probably still are.  But it taught me that fact is often stranger than fiction.