You Will Regret This

You Will Regret This

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Sage Black is just an average girl, for a werewolf that is. She had been abused and turn into a slave by her brother and friends. 
One day she found out who her mate is, who ended up being the upcoming alpha. With nothing to do with her, he rejected her.

Heartbroken from being rejected and abused she run away. She ran into the prince of vampires and he was her second chances mate. Many years later she come back to her old pack.

Who will Sage choose, her rejected mate or her new mate? When she comes back she will find out who she is. Many thing will happen unexpectedly. So come join Sage on her journey through thick and thin.

  • betrayal
  • choice
  • kidnapped
  • mate
  • rouge
  • vampire
__hijabi_princess__ __hijabi_princess__ Jun 16, 2016
Whn i read this name i remembered Four/Tobias frm Divergent 😉
-boxer_girl- -boxer_girl- Jun 25, 2016
I hate the part were you write 'I can't do anything I'm just a girl'
                              Like no boo boo girls, women can do any thing better than boys can, they just need practice
TorranceCampbell TorranceCampbell Mar 25, 2016
If your a nobody that means you're perfect because nobody's perfect
kpate135 kpate135 Jun 28, 2016
Can everyone pls pls go and read my book ittl only take 5 mins and if you like it comment and I'll wright chapter 2😘
- - Feb 08, 2015
In no means to be rude, this is one of my wattpad pet peeves if you will. You should not be telling the reader all this information, but instead be slipping it in throughout the chapter/story. Show, not tell.
Judy_Garland_ Judy_Garland_ Jul 03, 2014
A space needs to go between the comma (,) and the word "you".