A Thug's Kidnapped Wife

A Thug's Kidnapped Wife

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Instgram: _britneyyy__ By Notorious_Writer Updated Dec 12, 2014

Jelean gets kidnapped by a man she meet when she was fourteen, four years ago.

The cause? She is a collateral to a debt of 500 grand. He was suppose to take her sister, but the kidnapper, King Pin of Cali, claims love at first sight

"...The moment I saw you, you were mine, you just didn't know it. "
Can  Jelean learn to love the man she is married to. Or will his abusive ways stop that from happening.

Reminded me of flowers in the attic except for all the crazy stuff
FOUR YEARS? AND YOU GETTING PAID $50,000 A MONTH? Bih just ain't wanna pay that money back
TheyLuvDes TheyLuvDes Jul 18
I should punch her talking bout some "only 50,000" you know I could buy family dollar with 50,000
JassyRenee JassyRenee Nov 22
I meannnn all these opportunities for you to skip, hop, and leap away girl
blessingxx blessingxx Dec 26, 2015
Screw crying I'll be climbing out a window or finding a wepon to kill them .please those 5 minutes would have been used to plot a plan ! Crying please 😂😂😆😅😑😕😕😕😠😠
ShondaLeigh ShondaLeigh Sep 22, 2015
If she's 17 now and her sister got married 4 years ago then she was only 13...