Adopted by 5sos

Adopted by 5sos

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RosieLikesKiwiCalvin By RosieLikesKiwiCalvin Updated Aug 18, 2014

"This is so wrong" 
"But I love you"

What will happen when young Rosie is adopted by her favourite boy band?
Starting a new school isn't always bad
Fans who hate on you because you love with their idols always get in the way

"Were taking you back" is all she expected to hear and when she heard it she couldn't believe it
"I hate you" 
Was all she could spit out 

Heartbreak and tears are a girls worst fears

You guys are like wtf she 12 but 5 years isnt even bad and age is just a number
That sounded so dirty.😂😂 Mikey's your daddy!😂😂 I can't believe he wouldn't say anything about it.😂😂
Oh my god. This seems fake, but if this happened to me ... ... (+_+)
ellakclark ellakclark Mar 10
5 years isn't too bad but she is twelve not even a teen and barely started puberty and he is 17 one year away from being an adult in America
MadisonPi10 MadisonPi10 Oct 20, 2016
I dont like her calling mikey daddy.... HE IS MINEEEEE (has a fangirl rampage)
mercir4058 mercir4058 Oct 10, 2016
so me and my boyfriend's age gap is two years and everyone thinks it's so wrong.
                              But their 5 year gap is nothing?