lethal (ethereal1)

lethal (ethereal1)

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Loving is like running around a sphere and find a corner. 


aira cortez is cold-blooded. people always deem her as someone heartless. she's devoid of any emotions and she has huge trust issues. she only let few people enter her world. 

but isaiah montereal, a loud and froward boy developed this routine of annoying aira regularly. pestering her is one of his inexplicable habits. every day is the same; isaiah annoying aira and aira pushing him away. 

but one day, when she already grew attached to him, he stopped and distanced. 

she didn't know why. 

he never told her either.

and when he came back to her, it's not the same anymore. 

lies are told, dark secrets are discovered and their life just changed its way forever. something in their past was the reason why isaiah stayed away. 

dangerous. risky. lethal. that's what their love is. 

will their love stand a chance? 

or they just have to leave each other completely to mend the wounds of the past?

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