MR.STRANGER'S KISS [EXO's Kai Fanfiction]

MR.STRANGER'S KISS [EXO's Kai Fanfiction]

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..."Hey Mr. Stranger.." She said, lifting her head, and still, her eyes were closed. "Can you do me a favor and.." she paused, sniffing. "..kiss me?"

"Can you do it.. Please.." Jaehee said, with her tears slowly rolling down on her cheeks. "I wanted to feel I'm loved.. just for tonight." She continued.

Without any response, the charismatic stranger bit his lower lip and examined Jaehee's angelic and innocent face. He pinned Jaehee against the bricked wall and gave a peck on Jaehee's lips before wiping away her tears usin
g his thumbs. He placed his palm on bricked wall before leaning in again and started to give Jaehee an incredible, long, deep, and passionate kiss. Probably the kiss she had never received from Sehun....

PhantomWriter108 PhantomWriter108 6 days ago
Jaehee... that's not how you should escalate in a relationship...
PhantomWriter108 PhantomWriter108 6 days ago
Can she just marry Satansoo? I know it's weird to marry your sibling BUT BISH SEHUN IS GETTING ON MY NERVES RN
Yumi99 Yumi99 Nov 21
To be honest I would have kicked him in the balls, and saved the cake for me to eat later 😂
Fighting 4 your first time ill support u i loved the intro 
                              I'm sorry for shamelessly requesting that but plz if u have time check my first ever fanfic it's about block b's zico thank u again
Hi luhannie I waana be friends with you, I like Kai..... But my bias is Xiumin...
- - Aug 02, 2015
oh goodness, so glad I found this story because these kinds of stories are my favorite.