Divergent High

Divergent High

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Tris Prior and Four Eaton are the same in every possible way, but they are also the exact opposites.

Four  Eaton is what you would call the cliche bad boy, the rich kid and the player, but remember to never judge a book by it's cover.

Tris Prior is not just rich, but she is also the golden girl. Her parents and brother cherish Tris with love. She has many friends and is well known around school, just like Four.

Two teenagers, two families and a strong feeling of hatred towards each other. What will be happen?

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never1ending1stories never1ending1stories Nov 29, 2017
How Ian it even humanly possible to get ready within 10 mins and be at school within those 10 mins!?
BlondeHairBlueEyes95 BlondeHairBlueEyes95 Sep 17, 2016
Ya$$$ hey this just reminded me of something, did anyone watch this interview with the cast and they had to make a sentence using modern slang and Shailene says "whats Ya money?" And I couldn't stop laughing😂
DaytonNotTayton DaytonNotTayton Nov 12, 2016
I thought that garage was garbage so I imagined Tobias crawling into the trash can and sleep
BreeWinchester221 BreeWinchester221 May 07, 2016
This is what I wanted Divergent to b like, but NOOOO all my friends don't even know who Tobias Eaton is/was...😨😨😨😨😨😨
Plumzz Plumzz Nov 15, 2016
'Fun' he said. He said school is 'fun'. Is he mentally sound?
Alright. Sure they hate each other. For now . . . *smirks evilly and descends into the dark shadows*