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get sucked into a world like no other. a world which for everything you think of, it instantly comes true. anything and everything. reach into a world where exo are your new best friends, or not. enter a world where you are filled with the brightest smiles, the funniest laughters, the lamest dance moves, the embarrassment. but also the heartbreak, the tears, the pain, the letting go..

all of this exists in such a world. it only exists in your imagination, in your own little world. a world where everything will seem perfect. a world with exo. just you. just them. 

this book is just what you need, all neatly packed in little pages.

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Happy_bwirus Happy_bwirus Aug 06, 2017
Why does it feel like he is helping me with something really serious?😅😅
AnjeelinaHoran AnjeelinaHoran Mar 16, 2016
Request pleasee??? ❤ 
                              Member ChanYeol
                              Storyline, chanyeol came to my country for exoluxion and im just a normal fan that caught his attention.
                              Pleasee?? Tell me if u accept or done making it. Love u😘😘
- - Dec 27, 2015
                              2. She was at a fan meet and he put his number in the sign 
                              3. Romantic sweet 
                              4. Han Min Young but he calls me Minnie 
                              PLEASE DO THIS I WOULD BE VERY  HAPPY 
                              세 훈 <3
AesTaetic17 AesTaetic17 Nov 08, 2015
I have a request
                              Member: Chanyeol
                              Storyline: Chanyeol bullies the girl he likes for attention. The girl gets hurt and Luhan tends to her. Chanyeol gets jealous and confesses to the girl.
                              Genre: sweet,happy ending
                              Name: Seohyun
Lilianna_Anzee Lilianna_Anzee Nov 07, 2015
Request please❤ i want sehun's imagine saddening but happy ending <3 Please❤ Thank You so muchhh!!!!❤❤❤
YeolsHappyVirusGirl YeolsHappyVirusGirl Nov 04, 2015
Can i request an imagine a Baekhyun imagine please Happy one !! THANK YOU VERY MUCH !! XD XD