Ai贸nios; The Lord of Time 馃敡

Ai贸nios; The Lord of Time 馃敡

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Luke is back from the dead, swearing that he is a better person. Percy is gone and is now the host of Kronos.

Not many outside of Luke knew why Percy decided to allow Kronos inside him. Some think that he finally gave into the other side, others think he was forced to, either from Luke or the Titan himself. However, he actually subconsciously allowed him in because he wanted to give Luke a chance, a chance to show that he can and is a hero. 

Now, however, Percy is forced to run away to protect everyone he loved, and himself. He is branded as a trator and is being hunted by the gods, the hunters, and demigod all over. Luke feels bad, as regret bubbles within him. He feels that everything is all his fault (which it kinda is...).

Worse still, the demigods at camp don't trust him, but he understands. How could they? After everything he had done?

So now he is forced to hunt Percy down to prove his loyalty to the gods. But they never find him, so they assume he is dead.

Percy, meanwhile, sees through the eyes of his enemy to discover a broken soul. A soul that he had helped put together again. A soul that finally leaves the world in peace, but not completely.

Five years later, rumors of a mysterious man who can control time and who has been saving half-bloods start to rise. Many of the demigods he saves say he calls himself Ai贸nios, or the Eternal One in ancient Greek. Everyone wonders who he is and what his motives are. 

Is he Kronos?

Has Kronos risen again? 

Is there another war comming?

Is he trying to save demigods so they feel they owe him so they join his side?

Little do they know that a war is coming, but not with who they are expecting. And with allies they didn't expect either. And the one leading them? The gods have never expected to see again.

Officially my first PJO Fanfiction so please tell me what you think!

I DO NOT own anyone. All characters go to Rick Riordan. I own the plot, nothing more.

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