Let Me In ~Twilight Fanfiction~

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FaithHathor By FaithHathor Updated 6 months ago
"My name is Arianna and I was raised by wolves." Arianna is Bella's bestfriend and when Charlie gets concerned for Bella when Edward comes back, he calls her. After getting to Forks Arianna wastes no time in figuring out Bella's paranormal problems. Then she meets Jacob, the beta of the pack.
I like it so far, you have very good vocabulary and I could picture everything in my head. I like the fact that you added the way they communicate. It's a very good story. I'll definitely keep on reading. Voted !
Very good prologue, the only problem I found is  when you used the term "big ass" personally It doesn't affect me, but some people might get offended. Just letting you know that.
There's a song called raised by the wolves by falling in reverse. Btw if you aren't a fan of screamo, I don't recommend it. But I LOVE the song, I just thought I should tell you cuz Ariannas charecter was raised by wolves.
You have a great imagination. I liked the way that wolves send message to each other. Song from a bird. Sweet. <3 :)
This was a really nice prologue and you made really good character description. (By the way, you forgot an "o" while writing "prologue".)