Mr. Bieber [Zustin Mieber]

Mr. Bieber [Zustin Mieber]

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{ Book: 2 }

You think I wanted this? You think I wanted to wake up married to a temperamental, bitter and egotistical bastard like him? 

If I wanted to get married, I wanted to do it correctly. I wanted the proper ceremony, I wanted to wear a tuxedo and watch my bride walk down the aisle all dressed in white. 

Not wake up drunk off my ass in some hotel in Vegas with a bastard like him next to me. 

You've heard his side of the story, you've seen me through his eyes and you already have a premade painted picture of who I am but you don't know what it was like being married to him. It wasn't a walk in the park, it wasn't a piece of cake and it surely wasn't a holy matrimony.

He calls me the asshole that would ever dare to call him my wifey, but I had to amuse myself somehow. And if you were married to a bastard like him, you would want to piss him off too. But it all backfired on me, I ended up falling for that egocentric, short-tempered, and uptight prick.

And I was the one asshole that would ever dare call his husband "wifey," and you laugh at the sobriquet I called him and once upon a time I did too. But that little term of endearment will haunt me for the rest of my life. 

{ Book 2: Must-read Mrs. Bieber first; for this is its sequel }

[ Cover by: @_Specter_ ]

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I finished reading Mrs. Bieber a couple of hours ago and now I'm here. I have no life.lmao
loudmouth1042 loudmouth1042 Oct 03, 2014
I have finally begun reading after a shxtload of exams and studying. 
Coconut_Kid Coconut_Kid Aug 10, 2014
i just started reading this and i already feel that it's gonna be good :)
ZaynieUnderYou ZaynieUnderYou Jun 06, 2014
i dont know what to feel now, i really want them to be together so bad more than i want to a 1D VIP Ticket, its just its really good and lovely and at the same time irritating, cause they go from liking each other to hating each other but i love it, its awesome :) :)
katestylesalag katestylesalag May 30, 2014
you dont know how much i freaking want you to update and know wwhat is happening because i just finish reading the first book and now im hanging i want them together like my feels are killing me oh my god your writing skills aand how you plan a plot is amazing i lve yoh XD
ziamandlarryarereal ziamandlarryarereal May 26, 2014
se podria saber cuando vas a subir genial ya se ve.ame el primero felicitaciones